Brand Management

Brand Management

Looking after your brand for as long as you need us

When we say that “your brand is more than just a logo, it is everything that the world sees of you”, you can see the level of importance we attach to caring for your brand.

When we complete a branding exercise for you, we don’t just email you a file and say goodbye, we help you to look after your brand. 

First, we create your brand guidelines, then we help you apply them, then as new products and requirements come on-stream we continue to help you roll out your logo and brand with consistency.

In part, this means helping with your graphic design, document production and printing needs, but it goes deeper than that, we help you remain true to your brand values.

If necessary we help you police your brand, protecting it against those who would use inferior versions or the wrong colours, or their own set of brand criteria; you can use us as guardians and the excuse for having everything ‘just right’.

Perhaps think of us as your internal brand team – always watching for correct usage and providing that urgent logo in the right format, the right colours, just when you need it.


Some of our Branding work


Monimove is a credit supply chain financing solution developed for banks. It was launched late in 2017 to the international...
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LandmineFree 2025

Create an Identity to move Governments Around the World Branding/Brand Identity Graphic Design/Web Design/Illustration   Project Scope / Challenge: We...
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Bringing a world in black and white into glorious colour Graphic Design/Web Design/Illustration Project Scope / Challenge: Since their childhood...
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Liberation Management

The Challenge Liberation Management; the fiduciary services business – needed a brand. They were looking for something to hang their...
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