The core of our work

Your brand is more than just a logo, it is everything that the world sees of you – you can define it and with our help, perfect it. 

Your brand could consist of just a logo, font and colour, but for most companies it is a lot more than that. Your brand incorporates your voice, your attitude, every visual aspect of your appearance – it is a sum where the whole is definitely greater than the constituent parts.

Is it difficult? For you, no. It can be a great experience finding out more about yourself – we hope that as part of the process we will help you to uncover things about you, your company and the way people see you, that you didn’t know.

Whether we are rebranding an established company, or creating a brand for a start-up, we seek a deep understanding of what makes you tick. We look at who you are, your goals, what you believe in and what message you want to communicate. With that knowledge we create the brand that is right for you and your business.

We go to great lengths to understand all of our clients – it is through a deep knowledge of how you work and talk and project your company that we are able to define your image and carry it through to the graphics and digital materials you will use every day.

With many years experience across a multitude of sectors, from fashion to finance, healthcare to law, we assess, design and present with the minimum of fuss and then refine our work, to create a cohesive brand presence.

When we complete your brand creation, we create a simple set of brand guidelines that act as a rule book for some, inspiration for others, and we will act as the guardians of your brand; protecting, advising, counselling so that you remian true to your ideals in the eyes of the world.

Some of our Branding work


From Alium to Valtus

Alium Partners is a leading interim management company in the UK that has become a part of Valtus Group, Europe’s...
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Walbrook Asset Finance

What we did Walbrook Asset Finance is a new AF company in the city, an off-shoot of a successful bank...
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Vegan Arborist

What we did Vegan Arborist is an investment portal and advisory service for the rapidly increasing vegan business market. As...
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Centrepoint Centrepoint, the UK’s leading homeless charity, commissioned us to create the event identity for their 50th Anniversary Ball, to...
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