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Celebrating 18 Years with a Gift for Action Against Abduction

According to LinkedIn’s infallible memory, we are celebrating 18 years at Glazier Design – funny how they weren’t around when we started, nor was Facebook, our modem dial-up speed was 28k and AOL was still a thing…

So to celebrate, we gave back a little. We have donated a rebrand to the charity Action Against Abduction and created a new web site for them. It is a charity close to our heart and our Director, Ben, has been helping them for a long time as a volunteer Trustee.

Check them out here:

Child Abduction is never an easy subject to deal with, but it’s worth talking about – anything we can do to reduce the risk of abduction is an effort worth taking. The charity has a new venture – Clever Never Goes, that we all hope will replace Stranger Danger.

Here is our new logo for the charity; simple, but beautifully executed and a complete transformation from their previous brand, recognising the new face of the charity.

It just so happened that the launch coincided with the abduction of a child; the story covered all news pages. Makes you think doesn’t it? That could have been your child. So today, we think about those less fortunate than ourselves and give a little back. Passing it on…