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Digital Design 

Digital design is often the first interaction a customer will have with you. It should make a lasting impression for the right reasons.

We take the best of our branding and graphic design experience and bring it into your digital projects, creating stunning web sites that impress your clients and are functionally brilliant.

Web Sites:

A well-constructed, clearly presented and easily navigable website is an essential part of any brand. For many of your potential clients and contacts, it will be what forms their impression of your company or business. It should be created and managed as such, remaining consistent with other branding and printed materials.  

We offer a comprehensive web design and hosting service. We design, build and populate your site, then give you the control to update changing sections. We use leading software with proven functionality and we secure all our sites using leading security software so that you remain up to date and online.

We take pride in perfection, producing sites that are ahead of their time.

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Digital Identity:

Just as brand consistency is key to any corporate identity, your digital identity needs to be planned and created to work in a variety of situations from social media to web, email to digital advertising.

We create your online identity to perfectly reflect your company and the message you want to get through to your clients. We give you the tools to be more effective online in gaining and keeping client attention.

Your digital identity includes not only your web site, but also your social media assets, logos and images, brochure downloads and audio-visual content.

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Social Media and Marketing:

Business and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, have become a standard part of digital brand development and management and there aren’t many businesses or individuals who can afford to ignore them.

We customise, design and populate business and social media pages for you so that they complement your other branded material, and so that visitors enjoy a consistent experience.

Social media management is as important as PR or search engine optimisation. We work closely with SMM and SEO specialists to optimise and promote your web site and social media assets, offering a combined strategic approach to managing your web presence.

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E-commerce can be simple – it really can. For our clients we use a system that includes not only the ability to creating a stunning, responsive and mobile-friendly online shop, but also a built in secure hosting service that is PCI compliant from day one and includes all the leading payment systems.

We give you control of your shop so that you can upload products and download orders from any browser, manage your shop across social media and promote it through email campaigns.

For our e-commerce clients we have demystified the process and made it as simple as managing a Facebook page or web site.

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