Glazier Design Visit to Crossrail

with the Mayfair & St James's Association

Going Underground!

We were invited by Crossrail to visit platform level at the Hanover Square – Bond Street Station construction site.

It was amazing to see cavernous tunnels coated in spray concrete, escalator shafts devoid of machinery, vast ducts that will carry fresh air to commuters and the as yet trackless platforms where in 2018, 12 carriage Elizabeth Line trains will carry 1500 commuters per train into the heart of Mayfair.

There was an incredible sense of space as we descended into the construction areas – despite machinery and construction work we got a glimpse of how this state-of-the-art station will be a jewel for Mayfair and the businesses around.

At level -5 we got to see the platforms. The glass walls that will line the edges of the platforms are not yet in place, but a safety screen gave an idea of how trains will be separated from people. Stepping into the trackbed, where tracks are to be laid, we looked down the tunnel; lines of perspective disappeared in a vanishing point that could have been miles away – the scale of the project became very clear to us.

One day we will get to visit the station in its fully skinned state, filled with trains, people and life of every kind and reflect on how we saw it unborn, amorphous walls and clean cut floors, uninterrupted by colour or human form. A rare opportunity indeed.

Glazier Design and other members of the Mayfair & St James’s Association Council were invited by Crossrail to see how the project is progressing. The Crossrail project will give a massive boost to businesses and people in Mayfair and the surrounding areas, including easier transport links, a boost to local retail and service businesses and striking architecture that is world-leading in every sense. We are very grateful to Crossrail for the opportunity.