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Our new branding for #LandmineFree2025

Prince Harry Addresses Landmine Free 2025 Event

We were very proud to be selected to create the branding, branded materials and collateral for #LandmineFree2025.

Landmine Free 2025 is a joint initiative and event for The HALO Trust and Mines Advisory Group. At the event at Kensington Palace on 04/04/2017, Prince Harry and Priti Patel made keynote speeches to mark International Mine Awareness Day.

Both charities want to see the world cleared of landmines by 2025 – an ambitious task that has been discussed for many years – now is the time for action.

Secretary of State Priti Patel announced a £100 million commitment by the British Government to the most important initiative.

The Logo

Our work on the logo began some time ago when we were commissioned to create an identity for the event. For an announcement of such gravity and international importance, we want to balance the need for a serious logotype with the need to stand out. We wanted to give the logo longevity as the initiative runs through until 2015.

We created a clean contemporary brand for Landmine Free 2025. It contains both the key colours of The HALO Trust and MAG International, but also marks out the individual – the person that suffers from the curse of landmines left in the ground; we have signified both their presence, and their absence, using a negative space – the missing ‘I’. These victims, so often women and children, are the true victims of a war that never ends. 80% of landmine victims are civilians and the effects last decades after the conflict ends.

As well as the initial branding, we created a series of collateral items including invitations, events graphics, event brochure, security cards, large format installations and visualisations. It was incredibly rewarding to see our logo projected onto the side of Kensington Palace, and on the landmine clearance teams’ protective vests.

We are grateful to The HALO Trust and MAG International for their incredible efforts and we are delighted to support this initiative.

The HALO Trust
Mines Advisory Group