Logotypes and Logos

The most useful tool in your identity

The core of our work

Your logo is the most recognisable part of your business image. An effective logo is clear and appropriate; it is also contemporary and relevant to the market. A logo is often the first thing a customer becomes familiar with and, for a new business, the first impression a customer receives is crucial to how the business is perceived.

Established companies that have a long-standing tradition and heritage need to remain relevant and attractive to their customers. Having dealt with companies that pride themselves on decades or even centuries of success, we have the experience to incorporate contemporary relevance into a brand whilst respecting tradition and heritage.

New companies need to make an impression without shouting too loud. It is often tempting to make a splash when you enter the pool – but we feel that sometimes it is best to enter quietly and confidently, making it look like you have been there for a while.

Whether text or graphic, or a combination, we create logos that represent your company or business requirements.

Some of our logos and logotypes work


Centrepoint Centrepoint, the UK’s leading homeless charity, commissioned us to create the event identity for their 50th Anniversary Ball, to...
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LandmineFree 2025

Create an Identity to move Governments Around the World Branding/Brand Identity Graphic Design/Web Design/Illustration   Project Scope / Challenge: We...
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Working in Space

To The Moon and Beyond One of our clients (the incredible Maxine) refers often to ‘The Pinball Machine of Life’,...
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Halo Trust Safe Steps

Brand Identity for HALO Trust Safe Steps We created the brand Landmine Free 2025 for The HALO Trust not long...
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