From Alium to Valtus

Project Info

Client Alium Partners, a part of Valtus
Skills Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Document Management

Project Description

Alium Partners is a leading interim management company in the UK that has become a part of Valtus Group, Europe’s leading IM provider. We delivered the transition project to familiarise the UK audience with the brand and absorb it into Valtus visually and culturally.

Valtus is a Paris-based global Interim Management company that acquired Alium Partners, a London-based firm. As Valtus had no visible footprint in the UK, Alium Partners needed a transition strategy to familiarise their clients and market with the new brand.

Our process was powered by a defined strategy for change, planning how to reveal the new ownership, subtly incorporate it into the brand, build familiarisation, then change the look and feel and tone of voice of the company to match that of their new owner, finally launching as Valtus.

As the brand changed, so did the communications, including a transition of the web site to a more global outlook, all customer documentation and communications, including presentation decks, emails and printed documents.

The change was more than skin deep, it required a change of culture and thinking through workshops that uncovered the differences between the old and new patterns of behaviour. Our workshops defined a new proposition and customer focus.

Leading the workshops, we were able to extract the true change in direction that underpinned the change in brand, making the process easier for the client and the company that they had become a part of. By applying a defined strategy the process became painless for Alium.

As well as the strategic work, our output included the transition brand, logo and tagline lock-up, a constantly evolving web site, regular customer communications, all digital and printed corporate literature, a rebuilt customer proposition and deck and social assets.