Manorfield School Charity

A new look for Manorfield Charitable Foundation

Project Info

Client Manorfield Charitable Foundation
Skills Graphic Design, Brand Identity

Project Description

Create a brand for Manorfield Charitable Foundation, for Manorfield Primary School

Branding / Graphic Design

Project Scope / Challenge:

We created this new brand for Manorfield Charitable Foundation, the charity for Manorfield Primary School in Poplar.

Manorfield Primary School is probably one of the most amazing schools in the country. Yes, we know that every school is amazing, but Manorfield is something special. Faced by any number of challenges, Manorfield educates local children in one of the most impoverished areas of the country and sends them off to secondary school with well above national average results.

That in itself is amazing, but the school also educates families, builds a community atmosphere and creates a welcoming environment for children that raises their levels of aspiration. This school changes lives for the better.

The school has a charitable Foundation that supports activities and projects in the school and provides the little (lot) extra that the school needs to achieve their dreams.


The brand needed to be consistent, but distinct, so we took a single poplar leaf (the school is in Poplar) and set a clear and inspiring style for the charity.

The Result

The Charity is now raising funds for much needed projects and putting those funds to great use in the school. We will continue to support the charity and if you would like to as well, do get in touch.