Stephen Hawking Video

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Client Stephen Hawking Video
Skills Video, Graphic Design, Illustration

Project Description

Stephen Hawking Video for the Bank of England

We created this short video for the launch of Stephen’s List event at the Bank of England. Governor Mark Carney invited Professor Hawking to give a talk to a small group, who were then able to ask questions.

The video was designed to give an introduction to the event so that Professor Hawking could then give a speech outlining his vision for The Foundation and its work. The event was held in the Governor’s drawing room and was the last special event Professor Hawking was able to do for The Foundation.

Using the Professor’s own words and voice, we created a slideshow style video using photographs supplied by the Professor and his family and graphics from our Isle of Man Stamps project layered over video clips, to produce a beautiful and engaging story.

The video has been used in many forms to promote the work of the foundation and currently has several hundred thousand views.

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