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Our teaching tools for the Stephen Hawking Foundation are backed by the NEU, rolled out to 450,000 teachers.

We’ve been working on a set of teaching tools for The Stephen Hawking Foundation and they have been published nationally, backed by the National Education Union (NEU) and the Runnymede Trust. As well as receiving widespread coverage in national media, they have been rolled out to 450,000 teachers by the NEU, the biggest teaching union in the UK.

The Stephen Hawking Foundation has launched free critical-thinking learning tools for schools to support discussion around the topic of vaccinations and vaccine hesitancy. Our school assembly and lesson plan has been developed in collaboration with schools, leading research institutions and community representatives. As a critical thinking teaching aid, the tools focus on the COVID vaccine and tackle head-on conspiracy theories that have led to limited uptake in some communities.

Available here as a PowerPoint, PDF and with full notes

Over the course of 46 slides, Are Vaccines Safe? provides teachers and school leaders with accurate, up-to-date scientific information on a range of frequently asked questions about the vaccination programme. It has been structured to allow school-age students to engage fully in a conversation about any uncertainties or concerns they may have. Staff who lead the assembly or class are provided with additional notes and references.

Our clean, crisp designs have been created to be accessible by 9-16 year-olds and the supporting materials are the perfect teaching aids. We’ve given schools the option to have their own logo added to the presentation and we will also be making them available in accessible formats.