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Can you imagine wearing a meteorite and a piece of Professor Stephen Hawking’s desk on your wrist?

For more than a year the family of Stephen Hawking have been working on a very special project with Bremont watches to create the Bremont Hawking – a stunning timepiece that not only has slivers of Professor Hawking’s desk, but also a slice of a meteorite, and an illustration of the stars on the night in 1942 that Professor Hawking was born.

The relationship with Bremont will benefit The Stephen Hawking Foundation, so we created a special launch page for the Foundation, as well as social media images and marketing images.
During the live launch, held under lockdown restrictions, the Bremont team showed documentaries of the making of the watch but also the film we created for the Foundation. The boost to the Foundation was immense; not only did every high net worth watch owner hear about the work of the Foundation, they also got to hear about some of the achievements the Foundation has made in the last few years.

Watch the videos and read the story here: