Phoenix Pianos Branding

A contemporary brand with heraldic aspects

Phoenix Pianos Branding

The engineer Richard Dain redesigned the piano – we designed his visual identity, creating a strong brand for Phoenix Pianos that places the company in direct competition with more famous piano names.

The innovative carbon fibre piano – The Carbiano – is the lead product of this British company; with a carbon fibre body and components and many patented parts that are the first true innovations in piano design for centuries, the piano is a revolutionary concept in a world that changes little.

Our brief was to create a brand, identity and web site for the company for the launch of the Carbiano, but as with many of our projects, our advice went much deeper. During the branding process we examined many potential names for the company and the product and with the advice of leading trademark attorneys, presented our ideas for the future of the brand.

The logo and identity we created had to meet several objectives; it needed to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most famous names in the piano world, it needed to be as contemporary as the carbon fibre soundboard of a Phoenix Piano, but also had to include the heritage aspects of an ancient family name, together with the heraldic symbols of the family.

The logo was hand illustrated, incorporating the Phoenix, together with heraldic dolphins and a carefully selected typeface. This was a carefully considered brand, developed over a long period and with the future of many decades of manufacturing in mind.