Richard Anderson – Luxury

Richard Anderson Guide to Luxury

Project Info

Client Richard Anderson
Skills Graphic Design

Project Description

A Stunning Introduction to Luxury Clothing

Our favourite Savile Row Tailor Richard Anderson is a master of his craft and with his team of bespoke tailors, creates the highest possible quality bespoke tailoring for an audience in the UK, Europe and the USA.

There are numerous written and unwritten rules to clothing – what to wear at Ascot, what to wear at a wedding and these masters of the craft create clothes for their customers that fit every occasion. However, the knowledge of what to ask for isn’t always there. Richard Anderson wanted to create a small guide to luxury clothing that would impart enough knowledge to customers to allow them to ask the right questions, without the guide coming across as patronising.

We created this beautiful book, illustrated with samples of the fine cloths and styles, which was sent to all Richard Anderson customers around the globe.