Across – Brand Reappraisal

Project Info

Client Across Charity
Skills Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design

Project Description

The new Across!

We have just completed a rebrand of this wonderful charity and launched their new web site, collateral and marketing tools.

We have taken the charity from a passive heritage look to an active, bright and fresh appearance reflecting a charity that is fund-raising and proud to be helping those in need.

About Across

Across is a charity that takes people on pilgrimages to Lourdes by Jumbulance. A Jumbulance is a large ambulance – a coach that has been fitted out with medical equipment to allow people who are very ill to travel, when all other means of transport have become impossible. On each Jumbulance there are eight tubular medical beds, seating for twelve carers, two nurses, a paramedic and a priest.

Across travel from Scotland, through the UK to London, then down to Dover to cross the channel into France and down to Lourdes.

A pilgrimage is an important act of faith for Catholics but is also a journey of faith for anyone involved; helpers gain a life experience that can change their approach to the world.

What Across do to facilitate those who can not travel by any other means is remarkable; it was a genuine pleasure to learn about their work and understand what drives them.

Across relies on a network of volunteers, including qualified medical professionals, and those who have a strong will to go the extra mile for people. Being a volunteer for Across is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things that you can take part in.

The Project

We were approached by Across to evaluate their current brand strategy, communications and appearance after a challenging two years of change; their desire was to reinforce the love that everyone involved with the charity had for it, what they do and why they do it.

The process began with a full brand and business appraisal; we coordinated and facilitated a workshop to figure out exactly what Across needed to get themselves on the right track to deliver their vision.

  1. Workshop

The workshop involved fifteen staff, including trustees, group leaders, national leaders and an external advisor who understood the nature and gravitas of what pilgrimages of this kind mean to those who take them.

Our objective was to get the attendees talking openly to understand where Across could improve; their mission statement and behaviours, internal and external communications, their look and feel and even their operations.

Through a series of discussions and exercises we drew out key insights for Across on how to improve communication, organise brilliant pilgrimages and increase their journey numbers.

  • Internal Review & Finding a Purpose

Following the workshop was a full review of where we saw the opportunity to build on their brand with the tools they already had andadding new ones.

We delivered:

  • A renewed Purpose & Mission Statement
  • Brand Values
  • Internal and external communications structure for between groups
  • Key Behaviours and practices
  1. Brand Identity:

We moved on to create a new brand identity that lined up with the strategy that we had put forward in our workshop. There were three key elements we needed to consider:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Travel

These areas were what was at the core of the brand and in the hearts of the people who work and volunteer there. Their logo needed to amplify that devotion.

We created a soft roundel device that included a crucifix, and water to represent what they do. The primary colour of purple was chosen to both connote the colour of the pilgrim and echo their heritage in Scotland.

The font is a sans serif, a contemporary and inviting font. The perfectly round O that compliments the roundel that sits above it.

  1. Jumbulances & Other Collateral

 To reveal the brand, we created an introductory pack that revealed the logo, it’s meaning, and a series of post cards to demonstrate how the brand is used. It was received very well.

After that, we moved on the biggest and most important part of their brand, the Jumbulance.

Ensuring that they were designed to be on brand, tasteful, and legal – we put forward a sweeping purple rear of the bus to give it a distinguished look, with a large logo in the centre, and maintained the aesthetic we had created.

In addition to this, simple and beautiful stationery was created that included a watermark of the brand device on the letterhead and comp slip.

4. The New Web Site

The new website couldn’t be more different to what the charity had. It is bold, confident, fresh and inviting. It invites donation, support and interaction.

The web site is designed so that it can be built on over the next two years as legacy and fund-raising campaigns are launched.

We will be working on it regularly and we look forward to seeing change roll out.