LandmineFree 2025

Brand Identity Design for LandmineFree2025

Project Info

Client LandmineFree2025
Skills Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Print, Wayfinding, Signage

Project Description

Create an Identity to move Governments Around the World

Branding/Brand Identity Graphic Design/Web Design/Illustration


Project Scope / Challenge:

We are immensely proud to have been invited to work with The HALO Trust and MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to create an identity for the Landmine Free 2025 initiative.The initiative was launched at Kensington Palace in April 2017 at an event with keynote speeches by Prince Harry and Secretary of State Priti Patel.

Our role was to create the brand and all the collateral for the event. We explored many options that were more in line with the typical NGO brand mark, but we wanted to focus on what the cause was all about saving lives.

This project required Royal and Governmental approval, so we had to make sure that everything we created was both appropriate and effective.



We wanted to create something bold, striking and unmistakable. We started by using negative space, removing the letter I and using a non-capital dot of the I to create the illusion that a figure was present, and using colour to deceive the eye, that the letter I was still present. The figure represents the people who have been lost to landmines; present, but not present, hands reaching, perhaps pleading for action.



We created other collateral for the event, including invitations, an event brochure, dramatic ‘Danger: Mines’ signage, large format signage and step repeat boards, operational map, menu cards and place settings, and security cards.


The Result

HRH Prince Harry launched the Landmine Free 2025 event at the event at Kensington Palace, the brand was seen for the first time alongside the Prince, Government ministers and the CEOs of both charities. The British Government pledged £100 million to the cause and with this combination, the event received a great deal of press coverage.

We are immensely proud to have worked on this project and if Landmine Free 2025 achieves even a part of its aims, the honour will be multiplied.

The logo was picked up by Design Week and was lead story in the week 3-9 April:

The logo has also been picked up by news sites and branding sites – spreading the word and showing that the effort spent on clear branding is worth making.



We would like to thank Elizabeth Forrester, The HALO Trust and MAG for choosing Glazier Design to work with them on this initiative.