Love Seitan Brand

Brand Identity Design for Love Seitan

Project Info

Client Love Seitan
Skills Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Print, Digital

Project Description

Create an Identity to bring vegan food company Love Seitan to a wider audience

Branding/Brand Identity Graphic Design/Web Design/Illustration


Project Scope / Challenge:

Love Seitan is one of the leading vegan food companies. Seitan is 100% vegan, made from wheat gluten and is a superb source of protein. It isn’t just a meat replacement, it is a source of protein in it’s own right, a proper alternative to meat that is healthy and sustainable.

Our brief was to bring the brand up to date to coincide with a major investment by the VBites group and Heather Mills-McCartney and the expansion of food production. The company wanted to feel part of today and look as strong as their peers.



We wanted to keep the heritage of the brand, which is the unmistakable loving heart of Love Seitan, but we wanted to soften it, make it more friendly, acceptable and contemporary. By using an off-centre, softened aspect and bold clean fonts, we made the brand appealing. By including the wheat grain in the wordmark, we brought the 100% plant protein origins of the food, right into the heart of the brand.

Our fonts, colours and image style and the tone of voice of the brand were deliberately chosen to speak not just to committed vegans, but to the many of us who choose not to eat meat either on certain days or weeks, who who wish we didn’t eat so much meat.

There is no doubt that Love Seitan has a mission at heart. They would like to see a world where no-one eats meat, but they are taking their approach to changing the world one bite at a time.

We identified multiple audiences, from vegans, to part-time vegetarians, to households where one or more people are vegan or vegetarian, to those of us who are health-conscious and aware of the risks associated with eating meat, and wish we ate less.

The key factor here is that Seitan isn’t a replacement for meat, it is a protein base in the same way that eggs, cheese, beef or chicken are, but it doesn’t involve harm to animals. It can be the centre of your meal, or an ingredient.

As well as the core brand, we created a new web site, packaging and marketing collateral for the relaunch.


The Result

The brand has a new look and feel, a robust e-commerce web site and most important, the brand look and feel now reflects the importance of the brand as one of the leading vegan food producers. Their market share is growing amongst vegans and non-vegans and as we slowly trend towards a more plant based diet, we are proud to have played a part.