Re-Brand and Website Design for Monimove

Project Info

Client Monimove
Skills Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration

Project Description

Monimove is a credit supply chain financing solution developed for banks. It was launched late in 2017 to the international financial press.

To be a credible solution for the worlds financial service providers, the company needed a strong identity, clear web design and a full suite of corporate literature at a launch.

The company had a temporary branding that had been used during their build phase, but it was not fully developed and not trademarkable and it was in colours that would have been inappropriate for their sector.

We created a more refined logo and brand guidelines, advising the company on colour, font and tone of voice for their sector, as well as providing assets for the trademark process.

The Brand

The Monimove brand builds on the block chain element of their finance solution. The distinctive chain links in the logo device have been clearly defined and modernised, partnering perfectly with a contemporary font. We have created versions of the logo that work for their app, web site, corporate stationery and advertising.

The colour palette is reflective of their sector, but used in a more contemporary style than the more traditional peers and clients. The red and blue partnership allows for blends and gradients, which are especially effective when overlaid with abstract elements of the logo device.


The Monimove brand was swiftly rolled out to stationery and pitch decks, the web site, PR collateral and the software at the heart of the system. The web site has been built to allow limited messaging initially, but with full functionality pre-built into it for when it is needed.


As with many startup projects, Monimove developed fast. Our turnaround of work had to be equally swift. We are well used to the needs of startups, so this gave us an opportunity to show our nimble approach to design and fulfilment.