Working in Space

Our work in the Space Sector

Project Info

Client Xerox, NASA, Stephen Hawking Foundation, IOM Post Ofiice
Skills Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Print, Signage

Project Description

To The Moon and Beyond

One of our clients (the incredible Maxine) refers often to ‘The Pinball Machine of Life’, that unpredictable process that takes us from one job to another and then to something more amazing. It is unplanned, sometimes chaotic, but can have the most incredible results.

So it was that we went from creating the brand for a school charity, to creating the brand for The Stephen Hawking Foundation, to designing stamps and other collateral with Professor Hawking, to creating wow spreads and graphics for the Xerox Corporation and then on to working with NASA and the Isle of Man Post Office on a 50 year celebration of the Moon landing.

Each of these pieces of work was complete in its own right, but the chain of causation that runs through them is what took our design work into Westminster Abbey, into space aboard the International Space Station and onto the floor of Mission Control at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Our work in the space sector continues with branding for a lunar conference, work with a hologram company and more for The Stephen Hawking Foundation.

We might have made our own luck by always giving our clients more than expected, but it was the response from Professor Hawking, Isle of Man Post Office, Xerox and NASA that made all of this possible, so our thanks go to them.

Where next? We are working with companies in the space and tech sector, we have designs off-planet in orbit around the Earth, the next step should be Mars, but as the new Space Race develops at pace, perhaps we should all think further, beyond our solar system, while keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Most of the time.

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