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The Stephen Hawking Stamps

Stephen Hawking Stamps for Isle of Man Post

We have had the honour of creating a set of stamps based on the life work of Professor Stephen Hawking – a name known to everyone and perhaps the greatest mind that has ever lived.

In 2015 we thought it was a great honour to do the branding for the Stephen Hawking Foundation. In November when we created a Christmas card for Professor Hawking for the Foundation to send to world leaders, we though that would be hard to top. When it went up to the International Space Station that felt like heights we couldn’t reach again.

Now this – working with The Isle of Man Post Office, the Stephen Hawking Foundation and Professor Hawking’s cosmology team at Cambridge University, we have created a set of six stamps that look at 100 years of Gravitational Theory and the recent work that has so recently been in the news with the detection of gravitational waves.

The Stamp Designs

Our stamps are designed in pairs, with foils on opposing edges – slightly revolutionary in itself. The first two stamps feature the father of Gravitational Theory, Albert Einstein and Professor Stephen Hawking, whose work on the black hole information paradox is lighting up the world of cosmology.

007926 - IOM Isle of Man General Relativity_stamps_Einstein_press 007926 - IOM Isle of Man General Relativity_stamps_Hawking_press4

The next stamp features Gravitational Waves, which have featured heavily in the news recently with the second detection of them occurring only a couple of weeks ago.

The fourth stamp featuresHawking Radiation – our diagram is based on a blackboard sketch sent to us from Cambridge, where Professors Hawking and Perry, and PHD student Sasha Haco work.

007926 - IOM Isle of Man General Relativity_stamps_Gravitationalwaves_press2 007926 - IOM Isle of Man General Relativity_stamps_HawkingRadiation_press5

The fifth stamp features the famous ‘Trousers’ diagram representing two black holes colliding and the sixth stamp features the Black Hole, the study of which has made Hawking so famous.

Glazier Design - Isle of Man General Relativity_stamps_Twoblackholescolliding_press3 007926 - IOM Isle of Man General Relativity_stamps_Blackhole_press6

There is more

As part of the project, we have created a booklet describing all you will ever need to know about Gravitational Theory. Over the next few posts we will tell you more about this, but for now, to order the stamps and the booklet, go to and click on Stamps.