A Creative Design Agency

We are experts in branding, graphic design and digital design. We offer innovative and beautiful designs to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We work with a wide range of clients, large and small, in many sectors including PR, fashion, law, finance, property, education, health, charity and sport.

We thrive on making things happen – beautifully.

Branding Graphic Digital

Who we are

A creative team

A team of leading designers. We know how to take an idea past expectations and turn it into a creative work that makes you look amazing.

A proven track record

We are dedicated to making others look good, helping our clients to grow and succeed, which is why they stay with us for many years.

Years of experience

Glazier Design started in 1998, serving luxury brands and boutique English businesses. Over nearly two decades we have worked with the greatest brands.

Where we came from

The early days

Glazier Design was founded by Ben Glazier in 1998. With a background working in public relations with his father Tim, Ben saw that what many of the clients needed was powerful creative work seamlessly integrated into PR and advertising campaigns.

Working with established luxury brands Geo F. Trumper, Hardy Amies, Richard Anderson and groups such as the Bond Street and Jermyn Street Associations, we quickly built up a portfolio of work for leading fashion and retail brands. 


As PR and graphic design changed with the development of new communication channels, so the need for clean, consistent design grew and grew.  Our company grew too, but remained true to the ideal that good design requires thought. We provided companies such as Beiersdorf with well thought out and highly creative design solutions for brands including Nivea and Elastoplast.

It was our willingness to go the extra mile in design as well as print that won us work from Cancer Research UK, designing the branded merchandise for Race for Life, and MS&L PR, designing brand books for Herbal Essences.

Where we are now

With experience comes stability and the ability to offer our clients an explosively creative service in the knowledge that what we create really works. We take that skill to many sectors - we work for large PR companies, helping them achieve great results for their clients; we work direct for small and large companies, professionally managing their brand and collateral so that they remain consistent.

We are very proud to have worked with leading household names, but we take as much pleasure in working with charities such as The Stephen Hawking Foundation and Action Against Abduction, with school groups and for NHS departments. We work easily with startups, tiny businesses and giant institutions because when it comes down to it, we work well with people and people are what make every business.

We really do look forward to working with you and as we are real people who like other real people, feel free to call us, email us or drop in - you won't find any egos here, just great designers and a friendly welcome.